Open cut mining is one method of coal mining. This method can cover an area of many square kilometers and use very large places of equipment. this process begins from OverBurden (OB) removal which is covering coal seam. OB removal process uses Heavy Equipment and Overbuden is transported to outside mine PIT area (to Disposal Area). Next process after OB removal is Mining Raw Coal Process. (Coal Getting) this process uses Heavy Equipment with Smaller Size, this process consists of Loading and Transportation of Coal from mine (PIT) to ROM area.

Coal in ROM area will be entered to Crusher Process, this process makes raw coal into particles with size desired by consumer. Then raw coal will be stored in a storage facility (stockpile) before transported to Barge or can be loaded directly to barge without storage process. Transport Process to Barge uses Conveyor, next process is moving coal from Barge to vessel/Ship.