1. Health

STM has committed in improving health to all employees. STM's targets are improving productivity, reducing cost related to employees health, and optimizing employees health and mental well-being. STM is trying to achieve Continuous improvement and surveillance of work environment to minimize negative health effects from noise, mining dust, and vibration.

2. Safety

Our Commitment is very high in Safety. For us health and safety of employees are most valuable resources. Through a Process of risk management, we continuously and actively seek ways to improve safety, wherever we Operate.

3. Environment

Our business scope is mining operations. And at the same time the environmental impacts, pollution and biodiversity are also important issues. Therefore, we strive to create a conditions for an environment-Friendly Company.

4. QHSE Policy

Our commitments are providing best service and managing health, safety, and environment which integrates quality management system, occupational health and safety management system, and environmental management system. It is briefly described in the QHSE policy of STM.