1. Highly Ethical

STM Employees are required to work with honesty and transparent attitudes, healthy-minded to company, and their tasks should be No 1 priority over all else.

2. Global Insight

Global Insight is ability of performing the work smoothly everywhere. STM Employees are required to work with professional spirit, ability to adapt and Creative, no hesitation to take responsibility or a higher position for achievement of corporate goals.

3. Positive and Active

STM Employees are required to perform their works actively to achieve their goals, rejecting passive attitudes. And also demanded hard work, team work, sense of purpose, strong passion persistently competitive spirit.

4. Creative Solution

Having creative Solution is ability to suggest a Innovative solution, to overcome obstacles and to find out better ways to solve Problems.
STM Employees are required to create problem-solving ability, challenging spirit, flexibility and not to be afraid of changes and innovation, and to seek better solutions through creative thinking.