Economic Center of Indonesia (Population 28 million)

  • The project site has a huge hinterland, Greater Jakarta(GJ)
  • The Gross Regional Domestic Product of GJ & West Java is app. USD 261 billion.
  • The cargo from airport and port in Jakarta is transported mostly by road close to the Project site.
  • It is estimated that around 60~70% of the cargo may come from/to the easter side of Jakarta.

Important Traffic Hub (Highway, Airport, High Speed Railway, Port)

  • The Cikopo-Palimanan, Highway from Jakarta to Cirebon, pass through the Project site(Interchange is supposed)
  • Close to the railway and new port candidate to the north, adjacent to an arterial road to the south, HS railway station is planned to the west.

Ecellent in construction conditions

(Approval of industrial use, Accessibility to highway, Vast flatland & less obstacle)

  • It is mostly flatland and has less obstacles, thus expected construction cost will be reduced.
  • Highway interchange is supposed in the middle of Projcet site, which makes the site more easy to access the highway.
  • An approval for industrial use is in progress and it will be completed by the first half of 2016.